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General Psychology 20 offers students a general background in psychology. Students will start by learning about the history of psychology. They will then learn about our changing understanding of principles of learning, thinking and feeling. Later, focus will be given to longstanding and emergent psychology-related topics that affect adolescents in our society today. Through this course, students will gain an appreciation for the field of psychology and it's applicability to their lives.


This course includes the collection and analysis of evidence from crime scenes, the principles of fingerprinting, breathalyzers, polygraphing, and DNA analysis.


  • Science 10 (50%) or Science 24 (70%)

Course Description:

Students identify and describe the issues and legal considerations that may arise when individuals travel domestically and internationally.



Description: Students analyze in detail landmark decisions and their influence on society.

Prerequisite: none

Course Description:

Students learn about law that protect and benefit employees and employers, contracts of employment, unions and collective bargaining, and current employment issues.

 Prerequisite: None

This course is designed as a five credit bundle with successful completion of all seven modules resulting in credits in the following three courses:

  • Career and Life Management (CALM - 3 credits)

  • Career Transitions: Job Preparation (CTR1010 - 1 credit)

  • Workplace Safety Systems (HCS3000 - 1 credit)

Students interested in just completing CALM must finish all Modules 1 to 6.

Students interested in just completing CTR1010 must finish Modules 5, 6, and 7.

Students interested in just completing HCS3000 must finish Module 7.